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No nonsense. We deliver only the best software, and we have our portfolio to prove it. Most of our other projects are under wraps though, but they're just as good. You can take our word for it.

Grillin' Pablo

In this food tycoon simulator, you play an aspiring street vendor whose hunger extends to more than just comfort food. Armed with your pushcart and supply of eccentric eats, you will stop at nothing to be known as the greatest street vendor in the block. That is, if your childhood rival Pablo will allow it.

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Hoppy Feet

The challenge is out, and all paws, tentacles, and pegs are scrambling for the prize at the ultimate game of hopscotch! The world will be your playground as you leap block after block to bag the fastest time or highest score. Tap away across 30 levels of land, sea, dust and snow, and find out if you’ve got the hops!

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IISPFI prints, reproduces, markets, and distributes around the world all materials authored, written, and developed by Master Choa Kok Sui in the form of books, pamphlets, brochures, posters, compact discs, and other media. Through their online inventory, both students and teachers from around the globe can browse which materials are currently available order them in bulk from their location.

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Lumos: The Dying Light

Lumos is a gesture-based action game that takes the user into full-panic mode as it slowly clogs up the screen with a flurry of creepy crawlers. The player must use a combination of tap, swipe, and flick gestures in order to survive the onslaught of shadow opponents. Borne out of our zest for the absolutely eerie, Lumos is a marriage of addictive gameplay and immersive visuals. Try it yourself by downloading the game for free at the App store.

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The National Historical Commission of the Philippines is a government-based organization tasked with researching on the various publications of Philippine historical works, promoting educational activities on historical events and personages, as well as preserving and restoring movable and immovable objects of historical value. As part of its mission to archive the chronicles of the country’s past while making them readily available for public consumption, the NHCP has tapped into the power of the internet to encode these works of value and disseminate them through the web’s unlimited reach.

NHCP E-learning

With the idea that keen interest augments learning, the NHCP decided to spice up its history lessons by creating interactive modules for students aged 10-14. Rather than the usual pen and paper test, the young users of the new e-modules get to meet their national heroes and other significant individuals through moving visuals and illustrated facts, while testing their mastery with click & drag, point, draw, and other immersive test types.

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Got an idea of your ideal candidate? Politicks helps you find the right man for the job, or at least the one you most agree with. Through a series of questions on a number of pressing issues, Politicks provides insight on which candidates share the same political views, and which ones deserve your vote on the eventful election day.

Rae Foods

The official website of Raefoods founded by a Boston mom with a dairy allergy. The Raefoods website showcases her wide array of allergy-free muffins and other baked goods.


They say that if you have it, flaunt it. In this case, ‘it’ means food, and Restohub is here to flaunt it for you. With its customizable interface, Restohub allows you to build your restaurant website in the form of a virtual menu. You won’t have to start from scratch, we have all the ingredients. All you have to do is choose and mix them together to create a site that highlights your offerings and takes your food business to the next level.


YeheyJapan is an inventory web-app that resells used computer hardware while working on client-agent relationships. With so much hinged on satisfying clients, YeheyJapan required a customer-relationship management system that allowed agents to link tasks to clients, deals, cases, and other relevant information. Through a simple yet powerful system, YeheyJapan agents are given timely information and coordination tools to make sure that their clients stay happy.

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